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Are your perfect dentures only in your dreams? 

Then let us make your dreams a reality!

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Rytec Denture Clinic in Fareham is devoted to providing a full denture service from the initial FREE consultation to the finished product. The dental studio prides itself on creating dentures that not only fit well and are functional but also look attractive and individual.

We pride ourselves in the prompt, professional and efficient service we are able to offer to our patients. First appointments can usually be made within a week and subsequent appointments within days of each other.

Our high quality acrylic dentures take 2-3 weeks to completion. If you have an emergency and need dentures in a hurry, we are normally able to make them within the agreed designated time. Contact our team for further details.


Let us restore your healthy smile. Our expertise is in high quality, removable dental prosthesis for all ages. Our aim is to restore your healthy smile in a calm, relaxed atmosphere where your needs and well-being are our highest priority.


Every denture we produce is handmade, and all partial denture patients receive a free oral health check with our associate DENTIST.


Dental Laboratory Workshop

A fundamental aspect of Rytec dental studio is our "in house" on-site state of the art dental Laboratory workshop.Having an on-site dental technician and laboratory provides greater control over the fabrication of the laboratory work and enhances the quality of the work provided. I plan the appearance of the restorations in the context of facial features and personality thus bringing the technical work to life. All clinical work is designed, constructed and completed soley by myself, so as to achieve the best possible results for you.


Our fees reflect our expertise, the time involved to assess, plan, discuss and carry out treatment using the best quality materials and equipment, and utilising the very lates techniques.All patients are provided with a written treatment plan, following the free initial consultation appointment, with clearly presented fees and payment terms. 

Producing beautiful dentures with fantastic function, that is our passion!



Yu He

Clinical Dental Technician


GDC Number: 156548

I was born and raised in Southern China, as with most Chinese parents, my parents wished that l received the best education that was possible from the west. I came to the UK when I was 19 years of age, and upon realizing that my professional interests were drawn to dentistry, I decided to enroll in a Dental technology course at Southampton City College. During my training in Southampton, I was awarded a Student Sponsorship Award Recipient by the British Aesthetic Academy of Dentistry in 2005, and qualified as a Dental Technician in Dental Technology with the triple grade Distinction Distinction Distinction award in July 2006.  

I have always had the desire to succeed to the highest level within my profession, and to provide the best possible treatment for my patients, and have continued to develop professionally throughout my training leading to Clinical Dental Technician. I qualified from the Royal College of Surgeons with a Diploma in Clinical Dental Technology in 2015, awarded Key skills award, NHS, Health Education Kent Surrey and Sussex.

I love prosthodontics and in particular removable prosthodontics (removable false teeth). The initial clinical appointment and the taking of impressions through to the design, construction, and completion of dentures in the laboratory is undertaken solely by myself. I have an on-site denture laboratory in addition to the clinic which enables all the denture work to be made “in  house “. I have always been driven to provide my patients with the best possible treatment and to give them beautiful teeth.

I am immensely proud of the dental studio and the work that we do, every denture I make by my hand, it is like my baby, to seeing from born to growing up, when I fit the dentures for my patients l see them able to smile confidently again, their oral function improve, and their facial profile change for the better. I cannot think of any other work that would offer me greater job satisfaction than the work that l do.


Our Services
Clinical Technician





Complete Dentures (Full Dentures)

Lower and Upper Suction Dentures

Partial Dentures

(Flexible, Metal and Acrylic Base)

Copy Spare set Dentures

Soft Liners

Name Insertions



Immediate Dentures after Extractions

Re-base same day Sevices

Denture Repairs while you wait

Out of Hours Repairs

Denture Cleaning

Denture Relines

Home Visits



Implant Over Dentures



Get your Dentures  Next Day

Friendly Home Service

Implant Failure

This patient came to Rytec after having their implant treatment fail and previous denture left them unable to eat properly. The poorly fitted denture started to cause tooth wearing due to grinding by an incorrect bite.


We fitted the patient with a new, proper fitted lower partial denture over a year ago. This is their story about the process and the service that we provided them.

NHS vs Private

This patient initially came to Rytec to repair their NHS denture. After some consultation, it was decided that their existing denture was not a comfortable fit; they were unable to eat properly with it in place.


Rytec made them a new upper partial chrome denture which not only fit their mouth more comfortably, but also allow them to eat again without having to remove it.

Rejuvenated Smile

This patient came into us to have a set of complete upper and partial lower dentures made.


After completing her treatment with us, she has felt her self-esteem drastically increase. Now she's happy to have her picture taken, and has had many compliments on her rejuvenated smile.

Importance of Dental Hygiene

This patient came in after having multiple teeth extracted due to poor dental hygiene, despite following the recommended guidelines of brushing twice daily.


At Rytec we offer more than just a denture making service, we also provide our patients with all the knowledge they need to look after not only their dentures, but any remaining teeth they might have.

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